Introduction of Singapore:

Singapore, also known as Lion City, is a famous city-state of Southeast Asia. It is the world’s most visited city and also a heaven of millionaires. Tourists from around the world have a reason to visit this port city asit’s sparkling tall buildings, shopping centers, transport facilities and tourist places provide ever-lasting joy of life. Parks and the trees lined on both sides of the streets is the reason why it is called a Garden City.

English, Malay, Mandarin Chinese and Tamil are the official languages and Singapore Dollar is the currency. Most of Singaporeans follow Buddhism as main religion.

With high life expectancy and low infant mortality rate, Singapore is considered as one of the best places of the world to live in. It’s health care system has been mentioned as the best health care system in the World Health Report which is issued by the World Health Organization. Singapore is at 11th place on Human Development Index. In 2019, it got 7thplace at the Global Peace Index.

Geography of Singapore:

Located around 85 miles (137 kilometers) north of the equator, Singapore has the Straits of Malacca in the west, the Riau Islands in the south and the South China Sea in the east. It comprises 63 islands.

History Of Singapore:

In 1819, Sir Stamford Raffles had founded the current Singapore and later it became a British colony under the Straits Settlements. It was able to get its full governance right only in 1959. Federation of Malaysia was formed in 1963 and Singapore came under it. Later on 9 August 1965, it got independence. Lee Kuan Yew and Yusof Bin Ishak were the first prime minister and the first president respectively.

Politics In Singapore:

Singapore has unicameral parliamentary system of governance in which there is a president and a prime minister. The prime minister and his cabinet are appointed by the president. One of the main characteristics of Singapore’s political system is that there is a provision of three Non-Constituency members of parliament. Non-Constituency members are the losing candidate of the opposition parties.

The People’s Action Party (PAP) dominates the country’s politics and the Workers’ Party is in the opposition.

Currently, Halimeh Yacob is the president and Lee HsienLoong is the prime minister of Singapore.

The politics of Singapore provides better atmosphere for the international politics also as it plays effective role in maintaining good relations with the US, China and North Korea.

Winsten Churchil, the British Prime Minister, had once called Singapore as the Gibraltar of the east.

Tourism In Singapore:

Tourism is an important part of Singapore’s economy. It’s people friendly atmosphere, extensive and easy transportation, duty-free shopping, beaches are major source of attraction. Famous tourist places are;

Marina Bay Sands: it’s a Luxury hotel which gives amazing view of the city.

Gardens By the Bay: it is a good place to snap as plants and trees provide the best view.

Botanic Gardens: It is a World Heritage site. So, it’s certainly worthy to a visit.

Singapore Zoo: Night Safari and River Safari are also available.

Orchard Road: Tourists never forget shopping at Orchard Road. Its sparkling buildings and good facilities give wonderful shopping experience.

Singapore Flyer: It is the world’s largest wheel. The whole city can be seen from the top of it.

Sentosa Island: Siloso Beach, Underwater Aquarium, and Merlion are other impressive sites.

Some other important tourist places: Universal Studios Singapore, Asian Civilisations Museum, PulauUbin (Granite Island), Fort Canning Park, The Maritime Experiential Museum

Airports In Singapore:

Changi Airport was built in 1981. The world’s busiest airport is a stopover between Sydney and London. It is located in Changi and close to 20 km from Merina Bay. It serves around 100 airlines of different countries. The airport has won many awards for its valued services. Besides, there are two other airports; Selater Airport and Kallang Airport. Built in 1929, it served military purposes but was handed over to the government in 1971. The Kallang Airport had closed its services from 1955.

Singapore Airlines:

It is the national airlines of Singapore. Skytrax ranked it as the world’s best airlines. It started operations from 1947 onwards. With 20 subsidiaries, like Scoot, SilkAir, SIA Engineering Company etc. Singapore Airlines provides high class facilities thereby proving it’s excellence in different fields of aviation. Its customer services and high standards of cabin crew are internationally admired. Singapore Airlines has been four times the Airline of the Year.

Interesting to Know Facilities

Economy Class

Seats are so comfortable and convenient to passenger’s privacy. There are HD screens for entertainment and USB connectivity also.

Premium Economy Class

With comfortable seats, in-built USB ports and other facilities, this class offers special onboard meals as per the orders. Kris World system is also available for music, movies, games etc.

Business Class

Business class passengers enjoy various meals, Kris World system, lounge and other facilities.

First Class

Apart from Kris World system of entertainment, First Class passengers are offered free lounge, Gourmet cuisine (if booked before 24 hours of departure) and headphones etc.

Suites Class

The Suites Class offers a bed with the seat for sleeping needs. Gourmet cuisine, Kris World system etc


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